From oversized media to synthetics and heavy stocks, more choices mean more business.

Broaden Your Offerings and Target New Industries

It's no secret that both competition and customer demands are on the rise. The RICOH Pro 8210/8220/8210s/8220s offers the wide range of capabilities you need to efficiently expand your service offerings, target new industries, and grow your customer base effectively.

With the proven ability to print reliably on extremely lightweight paper, consider the range of inserts, product manuals, or financial declarations that you are now equipped to profitably produce with these dynamic black and white systems. Take advantage of the power to personalize and help customers further differentiate their offerings to sell more. Or leverage oversized media to produce stunning tri-fold brochures and marketing pieces. Explore opportunities for the growing on-demand and short run book printing market, with the ability to interpose high quality color covers or internal pages.

With support for specialized media, including NCR and MICR, and the robust security features that many regulated industries require, pursuing new customer categories just got easier. Consider the specific needs of financial institutions or the automotive industry when it comes to requirements for output on a particular media.

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Oversized Capabilities

True Oversized Media Capabilities

Run oversized sheets to produce more unique output, including true tri-folds, thanks to the banner sheet feed unit, which can handle paper up to 13" × 27.5" inches. Or, use it to simply maximize your media and gain greater efficiency and improved profitability on appropriate jobs. Give your customers more choices in applications, like book covers, brochures, posters, and more.

Support for Thin, Synthetic, and Textured Media

Say yes to more work that demands extremely lightweight stocks, like product manuals, or financial and legal prospectuses. Affordably produce high-quality marketing materials such as magnetic direct mail postcards, store window displays, promotional decals, loyalty cards, and branding stickers. Add in VDP capabilities and go even further to increase the impact and maximize ROI. With more applications available for you to market and sell, covering more of your customers' needs in-house has never been easier.

Synthetic Media


New to these systems is built in support for printing on No Carbon Required (NCR) paper. Customers no longer need to use carbon sheets between pages when creating multiple copies of the same form. This new feature opens a world of new prospects, including the auto, logistics, and insurance industries.

True IPDS Support

True IPDS Support

With the IPDS support option, the RICOH Pro 8210/8220/8210s/8220s provides seamless integration into host environments, with page‐level error recovery capabilities that improve handling of mission‐critical workflows and shorten bottlenecks, without having to depend on emulation software.



Support for inline Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) printing on the Pro 8210/8220 makes these systems valuable offerings for customers in the financial market. One system to do all the printing increases document security, and decreases handling and processing times.

VDP & Personalization

The Pro 8210/8220/8210s/8220s has the power and sophistication to integrate with today’s powerful VDP software packages to elevate your services and make your printed pieces more valuable.

Help your customers cut through the clutter with personalized communications and multi-channel marketing campaigns. New area for your business? Talk with your Ricoh Production Print Specialist and let our experts guide you to the right VDP solutions for your business. Utilize our implementation services to get you started on the path to success.

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