Consistently produce high image quality output with fine lines and seamless gradation.

VCSEL Technology
VCSEL Detail

VCSEL Technology

Ricoh's revolutionary VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) laser beam technology emits 40 laser beams simultaneously resulting in 1200 × 4800 dpi image resolution. This powerful technology minimizes color shift and raises the bar on print quality with crisp text, fine lines, and realistic image reproduction.

Enhanced Paper Library

Enhanced Paper Library

The system comes equipped with an intuitive Paper Library that allows you to select a stock directly from the control panel and the system automatically adjusts internal settings to deliver precise output based on media type. Reduce setup time and waste. Achieve repeatable results quickly.

Accurate Registration

Accurate Registration

These high-volume powerhouses feature Ricoh’s Auto Media Length Feedback System—the technology will automatically adjust the image area to correct for any shift in media shrinkage caused by fusing heat when duplexing. Confidently produce high-value, duplexed jobs including postcards, direct mail, business cards, menus, and more—all of which are ideal for digital printing as they often require smaller runs and quick turnarounds.

EFI® FIERY® EB-34 Controller

Execute end-to-end automated workflows and simplify advanced print management to expand production printing. Based on EFI’s popular Fiery Server technology, this digital front end (DFE) controller offers more capabilities including Advanced Job Re-order and Tab Inserts. Plus, you can integrate its Paper Catalog feature with the MFP or printer’s Paper Library function to instantly synchronize a print job’s custom paper settings.

EFI Fiery

Advanced Ricoh technologies ensure the first print is as rich and precise as the last, so you can achieve high-volume success across a broad range of media.

Active Toner Density Control

Active Toner Density Control analyzes the files being printed, and automatically determines the optimal amount of toner to deliver to the Developer Unit at the precise moment it is needed. And with the systems' improved toner composition, enhanced image quality and lower energy consumption are achieved with sharper dot shapes on each printed page, smooth solid and halftone images, and lower fusing temperatures.

System Process Controls

Two process control technologies work in concert to stabilize image density, which is critical during long-run printing. An Electrical Control Unit optimizes each image, with developer and toner adhesion volumes automatically adjusted based on proper conditions.

And to ensure all system resources are running smoothly, a Toner Supply Control Unit periodically checks image density to ensure image quality and warn the user when toner needs to be restocked.

Indirect Image Transfer Mechanism

The RICOH Pro 8210/8220/8210s/8220s supports an Indirect Image Transfer Mechanism, a proven technology that eliminates a variety of image transfer issues including scratch marks, toner scatter, and shock jitter. With this technology in place, the machine can produce near-offset-quality output quickly and economically, and handle a broader range of paper media.

Oil-free Belt Fusing

The RICOH Pro 8210/8220/8210s/8220s uses a soft belt mechanism, with a new fusing separation plate instead of paper separation pawls. This plate does not contact the hot roller, preventing image quality issues that can be caused by paper separation pawls, such as scratches and gloss streaks. This feature, working in tandem with the system's toner composition, enhances paper handling and improves image quality on a broader range of media.