With features to help you work securely, and responsibly, these systems open the doors to new work in even the most regulated environments.

Hard Drive Security

Ricoh Security

DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS)

The DOSS automatically overwrites the area of the hard drive used for image processing after the completion of each job. This makes it virtually impossible to extract sensitive data from the hard drive, even after the system has reached end of life.

Standard HDD Encryption

The Standard Hard Drive Data Encryption function encodes documents stored on the hard disk drive, as well as address book and authentication information. Data files are safeguarded even if the hard drive is removed.

Lockable Media Trays & Stackers

When dealing with official media, checks, and other important documents, security is crucial to your operation. With the ability to lock stackers and system trays, users can rest assured that only those with granted access can remove raw media and printed documents from locked sources.

Unauthorized Copy Control

When enabled, output printed by these systems will contain embedded patterns that are only visible when the documents are copied. These hidden words and symbols prevent regulated documents from being copied by unauthorized users.

Locked Print

To eliminate the risk of confidential documents being left out in the open, individuals can utilize Locked Print and release files only when the user enters their ID and passcode at the system's control panel.

Power On/Off Scheduling

Power on/off scheduling allows you to program the system to be up and ready when you need to begin the workday, and ensures electricity isn't wasted during scheduled downtimes. Improve your company's productivity by eliminating the wait time for a system to warm up or power down. Schedule it, and make efficiency automatic.

EPEAT® Gold Rating & Energy Star Compliant

For organizations looking to evaluate products that deliver environmentally friendly solutions, the RICOH Pro 8210/8220/8210s/8220s qualifies at the Gold level for EPEAT® (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) for imaging equipment, and is Energy Star compliant. With these qualifications, these systems promote energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, symbolizing Ricoh's continued stride towards a greener tomorrow.

EPEAT and Energy Star