Seeing is Believing.

Deliver outstanding images with advanced technologies.

Produce exceptional, high-quality print jobs that exceed customer expectations.

PxP-EQ Toner Technology

Accurately reproduce an expanded range of colors, move work from offset to digital, and gain more business.

Ricoh proprietary PxP-EQ chemical toner spreads evenly, improving color density and saturation to deliver brilliant quality color, while using a minimal amount of toner. The PxP-EQ chemical toner also melts at a lower temperature using less energy in the process, which leads to a reduction in operating costs.

VCSEL Technology

Stake new opportunities in image driven industries such as retail, hospitality, and the arts with 1200 × 4800 dpi image resolution.

Ricoh's revolutionary VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) laser beam technology minimizes color shift, resulting in higher print quality with crisp text, fine lines, and realistic image reproduction. Precise registration is achieved by emitting 40 laser beams simultaneously to adjust for sheet expansion and contraction.

Active Toner Density Control and Liquid Cooling Technology

Produce consistent, uniform colors across a wide range of substrates.

Ricoh’s technology corrects unevenness, monitors and adjusts toner, and prevents disruption during image output to ultimately provide color stability on every page. This means you can expand the range of jobs you can produce and go after new segments.

Accurate Registration


The RICOH Pro C7100/C7100X Series surpasses expectations with its front-to-back registration. Confidently produce premium quality duplexed jobs including postcards, direct mail, business cards, and menus – all of which are ideal for digital printing as they often require smaller runs and quick turnarounds.

Media Identification Unit

Media Identification Unit

Take the guesswork out of media setup.

The Media Identification Unit measures the properties of the media and finds the closest available profile in the media library. Reduce waste, improve the overall quality of your output, and increase operator and system productivity with this innovative device.

Enhanced Paper Library

Enhanced Media Library

Achieve repeatable, brilliant results.

The Enhanced Paper Library allows production environments to expand their range of media capabilities and confidently produce jobs across a wider range of paper stocks, including thick, coated, and textured sheets, with brilliant results. Select a stock directly from the library and the system automatically adjusts its internal settings to deliver precise output based on the media type.

Color Management Services

Get expert color and superior support.

Color Management Services

Ricoh has the expertise to help you identify and implement a color management strategy built around your goals. Learn how to achieve the highest level of color quality and secure your G7 Master Printer Qualification to be part of an elite set of highly sought after vendors with proven skills to increase your productivity levels.