Meet your precise needs for end-to-end document production.

Professional inline finishing options and innovative offline solutions maximize the value and impact of the RICOH Pro C7100/C7100X Series for your business.

Buffer Pass Unit

Buffer Pass Unit Type S3

The Buffer Pass Unit Type S3 is recommended for print shops that frequently produce long runs with heavy coverage on uncoated media. It cools the printed sheet prior to entering a finishing unit, which minimizes toner blocking on stacked, coated paper.

Decurl Unit

Decurl Unit

The Paper Decurl Unit DU5040 is ideal for professional print environments that frequently produce jobs with high toner coverage on thin paper and paper with long grain. This significantly reduces the natural curl that can occur, delivering sheets with optimal flatness.

Cover Interposer Unit

Cover Interposer

The Cover Interposer CI5030 provides two sources to easily feed pre-printed covers and inserts into the finishing workflow for maximum flexibility. This option eliminates time-consuming offline manual insertion and reduces the wear and tear on originals.

GBC Streampunch Ultra

GBC StreamPunch Ultra

The GBC StreamPunch Ultra combines printing, punching, and collating into one step, all inline, to streamline workflow and dramatically reduce labor costs. This next generation system offers a range of die-sets, provides the capability to “Double Punch” for two-up sheet processing, and supports variable sheet sizes and tab processing. The informative GUI display allows users to easily initiate actions and will prompt if adjustments are needed.

Features include:

  • Tab Punching
  • Enables Inline Printing, Punching, and Collating
  • “Double Punch” Capability
  • Enhanced Line Speeds
  • Expanded Media Gamut
  • Variable Sheet Sizes
  • Adjustable Backage
  • Die Set Detection

Plockmatic Production Booklet Maker

Plockmatic PBM 350/500 Booklet System

The Plockmatic PBM 350/500 is a productivity-enhancing booklet making system that can be used either inline or offline to expand the range of professionally finished booklets that can be completed in-house. Both models can be configured with a Book Fold Module, Cover Feeder, Rotate Crease Trim, and Face Trimmer for the most precisely finished booklets.

Plockmatic 35-sheet Booklet Maker (PBM350): Staple and fold up to 35 sheets creating 140-page booklets.

Plockmatic 50-sheet Booklet Maker (PBM500): Staple and fold up to 50 sheets creating 200-page booklets.

System options include:

  • Book Fold Module
  • Cover Feeder
  • Rotate Crease Trim
  • Face Trimmer

RPIP Interface Port Type S3

RPIP Interface Port Type S3

The RPIP Interface Port Type S3 is an innovative finishing device that enables the inline connectivity of a RICOH Pro C7100/C7100X Series system with select third party finishing peripherals. This powerful solution greatly enhances your workflow, reduces labor time, and maximizes the value of traditional offline finishing equipment.

The finishing options currently available to connect inline are:

  • CP Bourg Booklet Maker BM-e
  • CP Bourg Watkiss PowerSquare™ 224
  • DSF-2000 Sheet Feeder and DBM-350 Booklet Maker

Perfect Binder

Perfect Binder

Produce glue-bound, wrap around books of up to 200-sheets with covers and weights of up to 300 gsm with the Perfect Binder GB5010. This inline finishing option is ideal for catalogs, course books, small magazines, directories, and more. It offers a trimming function that creates clean edges on all three open sides for the most professional delivery.

High Capacity Stacker

High Capacity Stacker

The High Capacity Stackers SK5070 support paper of up to 13" × 19.2" with a maximum capacity of 5,000 sheets. And the included rollaway cart makes transporting heavy output quick and easy. You can configure the RICOH Pro C7100/C7100X Series with one or two Stacker Units to best meet your document production workflow.

Standard Finisher

3,000-Sheet Finsher with Multi-Position Stapling

The 3,000-Sheet Finisher SR5050 offers multi-position stapling up to 100 sheets at sizes up to
 13" × 19.2". Staple positions include top, bottom, 2 staples, and top-slant. The unit also offers a shift tray and a 250-sheet proof tray. Two and three hole-punch options are available.

Booklet Finisher

2,500-Sheet Booklet Finisher

The 2,500-Sheet Booklet Finisher SR5060 creates saddle-stitched booklets up to 20 sheets – the equivalent of an 80-page book, and can be paired with the optional Trimmer Unit (TR5040) to cut the “creep.” The SR5060 includes a conveyor belt, which pushes the finished product off the output tray into a box or storage container, allowing for the continuous production of booklets with minimal supervision.

Multi Folding Unit

Multi-Folding Unit

The versatile Multi-Folding Unit FD5020 offers six professional folding patterns to accommodate virtually any folding need inline. Newsletters, brochures, sales and marketing materials can be professionally finished in a variety of folding patterns, including: Half-fold, Letter Fold-in (Tri-fold), Letter Fold-out (Tri-fold), Gate-Fold, Double Parallel (Four-Fold), and Z-Fold.

Ring Binder

Ring Binder

Produce finished ring-bound booklets inline with the Ring Binder RB5020. Collate, hole-punch, insert and close rings inline automatically for up to 100-sheet documents with no manual intervention, reducing steps and labor costs.