Vibrant color with precise registration for results you can depend on.

VCSEL Technology

Stake new opportunities in image driven industries such as retail, hospitality, and the arts.

Ricoh's revolutionary VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) laser beam technology emits 40 laser beams simultaneously resulting in 1200 × 4800 dpi image resolution. This powerful technology minimizes color shift and raises the bar on print quality with crisp text, fine lines, and realistic image reproduction.

Accurate Registration

The Pro C9100/C9110 excels at precise front-to-back registration.

Accurate Registration

These high-volume powerhouses feature Ricoh’s Auto Media Length Feedback System– the technology will automatically adjust the image area to correct for any shift in media shrinkage caused by fusing heat when duplexing. Confidently produce high-value, duplexed jobs including postcards, direct mail, business cards, menus, and more – all of which are ideal for digital printing as they often require smaller runs and quick turnarounds.

PxP-EQ Toner Technology

Accurately reproduce an expanded range of colors to match precise customer requirements and move work from offset to digital.

Ricoh proprietary PxP-EQ chemical toner expands the color gamut, and spreads evenly while using a minimal amount of toner. This improves density and saturation, which results in brilliant quality color that has the impact and intensity you would expect from offset. Another benefit of the PxP-EQ toner technology is that it melts at a lower temperature using less energy in the process, which leads to a reduction in operating costs.

Stable Color Consistency

To achieve success in high-volume print environments – the first print needs to be as vivid and precise as the last. Advanced Ricoh technologies continually monitor the system to reduce the chance of toner unevenness and ensure color stability on every page.

Auto Image Feedback System

Auto Image Feedback System employs embedded scanning sensors that automatically calibrate color gradations while in operation and make necessary adjustments to avoid any color discrepancies.

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Active Toner Density Control

Active Toner Density Control analyzes the file being printed, and automatically determines the optimal amount of toner to deliver to the Developer Unit at the precise moment it is needed.

AC Transfer Technology for Textured Media

Take on high-value, specialty jobs with the ability to deliver premium quality output on unique substrates.

AC Transfer Technology

Alternating current (AC) technology and an elastic fusing belt enable toner to transfer and adhere to media more easily — whether on vellum, linen, or virtually any specialty texture your customer desires. Confidently promote your ability to handle specialty media, take on new and different kinds of work and deliver a truly captivating result, every time.