Next-generation digital technology with near offset quality.

Speed & Volume

With speeds of up to 110 ppm and 130 ppm the Pro C9100/C9110 is built for high-volume work environments looking for a modern addition to offset presses. These high-quality digital production systems deliver the speed and power to keep jobs running with minimal user intervention, up to 1 million impressions per month.

High Capacity Stacker
Print Samples

Robust Paper Capacity

A maximum paper capacity of 18,100 sheets enables the production of long runs without interruption. Standard paper capacity is 4,400 sheets. In addition to the standard paper sources, the system can be configured with up to three Vacuum Feed LCIT RT5100 units and a 500-sheet Multi-Bypass Tray Unit.

Smart Operation Control Panel

Control Panel

An intelligent 10.4" SVGA control panel puts more information and control at your operators’ fingertips. It features a customizable display with intuitive visual guidance and programmable shortcut icons, enabling quick completion of basic or advanced tasks for faster job execution. Plus, it displays essential operator information such as paper names in trays, jobs in queue, and supply information, in easy-to-access areas.

Dual Twin Cartridge Ports

Twin Cartridge Ports

Avoid costly slowdowns and keep your machine running without innterruption. The Twin Cartridge Ports provide optimal toner levels to match your high-volume needs. In addition, toner bottles can be replaced even while a job is in operation, further boosting uptime.

Load While Running

Load While Running

This intelligently designed system allows users to load toner and multiple stocks on-the-fly, even while the system is in the midst of running a job. Keep jobs moving forward at all times, without machine stoppage.

Active Tray Indicator

Active Tray Indicator

The Active Tray Indicator Light will illuminate when paper is pulling from a tray. This ensures operators avoid opening a tray in use, reducing the risk of a misfeed. It also allows operators to properly load paper on-the-fly without system interruption. If a misfeed should occur, LED lights positioned on the paper path guide users to its exact location for fast, easy removal, keeping production schedules on track.

System Status Lights

System Status Light

The operator call light can be seen from virtually any angle in your print shop, keeping everyone continually informed of system status. Real-time monitoring is yet another way you can improve efficiency and stay ahead of aggressive deadlines.

  • Blue lights indicate printing and data in
  • Yellow notifies when toner is near end
  • Red shows a system error needing operator attention
Advanced TCRU

Trained Customer Replaceable Units

Proactively maximize uptime and reduce service calls with Ricoh’s Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRUs) program included with the RICOH Pro C9100/C9110. The TCRU program trains users to replace key components such as drums, rollers, fuser cleaning units and more, without requiring additional technical assistance. This keeps the system performing at peak efficiency and ensures jobs are delivered on schedule.

Remote Management

Remote Management

Ricoh's @Remote device management tool empowers technicians or print shop management to monitor and manage a single device or whole fleet through one Web-based interface in real time. Check system information, change network settings, or monitor supplies – even when no one is physically at the machine. Reduce labor and operating costs while maximizing system uptime and user satisfaction.

EFI Fiery

Fiery Controllers

Discover a better way to manage your print queue and make your business more efficient. Choose from the new EFI Fiery® E-43/
Pro 80 or Fiery® E-83/QX Color Controllers and create end-to-end automated workflows to produce graphic-arts quality output at ultra-fast speeds.

  • Enhance overall productivity
  • Streamline operations
  • Preset print settings
  • Add up to 250 spot-color applications per page and deliver superior image quality
  • Transition from job to job with ease
  • Rip one file while processing another